Monday, September 29, 2008

Random Thoughts

First, I passed my micro exam with an 84%! The average was a 2.0 and 66 people were recommended a tutor. I'm surprised at the comments made by my fellow students like "what am I doing wrong?" or "I'm used to 4.0 and I haven't gotten one yet." Is this unexpected? Was vet school supposed to be easy? I don't understand why they are surprised that vet school is really hard.

Second, I drove my truck 90 miles yesterday and it was fine. I get to school and try to drive 2 miles and it's not driving right (by right I mean able to exceed 25 mph). Today I sort of figured it out, but it's not consistent. My truck is currently an anti-theft machine as no one could steal it if they tried. It would be nice if it were back to normal again though.

Third, my ethics paper is being used as an example for the class. Personally, I thought it was worse than my first one that got a B. This week's paper is going to be so much worse since I don't even know what to write about. Hopefully she doesn't expect me to deliver this "spectacular" work all the time.

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