Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another Day, Another A?

Definitely not another A yesterday. We had our microbiology exam and it was bad. I was scared of this one from the start. We had over 100 pages of lecture notes covered on the test. I thought I may be able to dodge the bullet, but no. There were 50 questions. Questions 1-5 I was pretty good with. Then came 6-20 where I was just picking different letters because they were questions about the most obscure things. From 21-40, I felt I had a chance at getting some right. And again 41-50 was bad news again. The only good thing was after when I was talking to my classmates - we found out that we all felt the same about it. I still don't know my score and we don't think there's curves so for now, I'll just wait.

Also, I've noticed a sign that I may be studying too much especially for anatomy. Have you ever been eating chicken and wondered what the names are of all the different muscles you're eating? I know I have and more than once too.

Oh, yesterday I got to draw blood from and stomach tube a sheep. The stomach tubing was interesting because you have to put a syringe in the sheep's mouth to prop it open and pass the tube through it. Then you suck on the tube to make sure you're in the esophagus and not the trachea. Once in the esophagus, you blow in the tube as you pass it to the rumen. Fun times. Drawing blood was also fun. If you've drawn blood from dogs and cats, drawing blood from larger animals is easy because the veins seem huge.

We have a whole week until our next exam so I'm relaxing a little bit!

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