Thursday, May 20, 2010


So I had some exams at the end of the semester which was fun. We had 9 exams in 15 days. That's ridiculous!!! That means we basically had 2 weeks of finals because they wouldn't fit in one week. Oh and the 1st years were done on Thursday and had easier finals than we did last year. Um, I'm sorry but if you don't have at least a full week of finals, I do not consider that vet school.

Systemic Path had the most memorable final. The professor decided to make it cumulative this year to make it EASIER. I don't understand the logic either. While studying for it, we realized that we had no idea what to study or how questions would be asked for certain sections - mainly derm and ophtho. We were given 40 review images with the diagnoses so I memorized all that info and expected to see the images on the exam. Wrong!! I learned absolutely nothing from those sections and it's very difficult to diagnose/describe 3d lesions using a 2d image on a computer screen. But I did learn to always use "ulcerative" when describing a lesion.

Oh, and I got sick during finals which made the experience so much more enjoyable. In the end, I'm glad the semester is was the worst thing ever...grades were bad, but could've been worse. My class thinks I'm extremely interested in orthopedics now because of my research and one professor that pointed me out a couple times that semester. I'm cool with ortho, but I'm not all about it. And another prof has become my new BFF and I don't know how or why. He sneaked up on me the other day when I was working on my research so we had a chat about what I'm doing this summer. It's all really weird. I've never been a fan of professors trying too hard to be friends with the students.

So the night I finished finals, I couldn't sleep because of the emotional high and I remembered that I had to write a grant for my summer research and submit it by the end of the month. It was a little bit of a freak out moment. It turns out that it wasn't that bad and was just submitted today. I've also been working on client consent forms, letters of support, and a bunch of other technical things that are apparently involved in research. So far, it's been a fairly laidback summer so that's good. I had a list of things I would do everyday (like practicing suturing) but none of that has happened.