Monday, September 15, 2008

Another Day

I just got home from classes and it's almost 7pm. Have I ever mentioned that vet school is kinda like prison? I just go where I'm told and then I go home and study. I usually don't even know what the weather is like. Today was a good day from what I remember: I got my histo grade back and it was in the 90s which will be helpful in case I fail future exams. I had a free lunch and dinner. I survived my anatomy lecture and lab exams. The lab exam was harder than I expected, but we'll see how I do.
Oh and best of all, I was just at a lecture about interesting cases in this guy's career. Apparently some vets mistake the ureter and kidney as the uterine horn and ovary. Don't ask. Toothpicks are dangerous to dogs. For example, this one toothpick pierced about every organ (lung, liver, kidney, gall bladder, etc.) in this dog before the dog died. If you see a hole, look where it goes: one dog had a stick through its heart and another one had a broadhead arrow in its head. Anyways, the vet was talking about treating high potassium and I actually understood it because of histo stuff about intracellular and extracellular ions and their pumps. I thought this was really cool because I really didn't see the importance of the information and how it related to things like bloodwork.

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