Wednesday, September 3, 2008

You can't be good at everything

During our anatomy lectures, the professor talks more about life lessons and random stories from his life. While it's interesting, it makes it hard to figure out what is going to be on the lecture exam. Do we need to know that his dog is on a 70 foot cable when it's outside? One of his life lessons was that you can't be good at everything. You can be good at a lot of things, but not everything. Lately, I haven't been studying anatomy because I kinda know enough to get by for now so I've been focusing on studying histology. However, what he said has got me thinking that I'm probably going to use anatomy in surgery a lot more than I will use histology (if I ever use that). I can't remember ever seeing a vet prepare a slice of tissue to look at. They just send it to the lab. I've started studying more anatomy even though we have a histo test next week.

I'm a week and a half into the program and I can see that my life has been consumed by veterinary medicine. All I do is go to class till 5 and then come home and study. Oh, yesterday we went to the dairy farm and learn some physical exam techniques on the cows. It was really cool, but I'm definitely not a large animal person as they pushed me all over the place. I really thought about going into Subway with my coveralls still on and smelling like a barn, but I changed so people could eat their food without the smells of the farm. See I am considerate to others.

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