Monday, December 31, 2007

You know you're a vet student when...

I found this the other day and had a good laugh. The sad thing is that I think most of them will be true.

You know you are a vet student when.......

You start writing letters home in abbreviations.
You look deep into your lover's eyes and pull out a pen light.
You start highlighting TV guide.
Natural light makes you squint.
You finally make it home and your dog wont let you in.
You walk away from dishwashing with your hands in the air.
You find yourself doing one handed ties on your shoe laces.
You wait for the grocery store clerk to grade your check.
You sign your name in dots.
While in a crowded elevator you start pondering the pathological agents associated with aerosol transmission.
Noodles remind you of Taenia spp. (or vice versa).
You get a blood test and they diagnose caffeninemia.
Eating and sleeping are unnecessary luxuries.
Pimples become suppurative exudates.
You start picking out which zoonotic disease you would rather die from.
You get up at 3AM to check the spelling of oogonia. At 4 AM you get up to see what it means. You are told you smell like a freshman.
Someone asks you your name and you think it is a trick question.
There's such a thing as a 'real neat' lesion.
Gross anatomy lab makes you hungry.
You study at stop lights.
You go from wanting A's to worrying about getting C's to praying that you will pass, to wondering if the Marines still need a few good men!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

One Semester Left

Well, I 4.0ed last semester which was unexpected and now I have one semester left before I have my bachelor's in Fisheries and Wildlife. Of course, only half my classes next semester are FW; the other half are Zoology. I am really looking forward to this semester since I only have 13 credits and no Friday classes. I have decided that it is very difficult for a full-time science major to arrange a schedule with no Friday classes. It took me 4 years, but I will finally get to experience it. I am surprised at how fast the last 4 years went by. Hopefully, the next 4 years will fly by too.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

What Is Vet School Like?

The last few weeks I have been asking vet students what I should expect. Here's some of the responses I have gotten:

"It's not hard. It's just a lot of information."
"Any high school student could learn this stuff."
"Keep your focus because there will be plenty of times that you feel like quitting. And you doubt why you started this in the first place."
In response to Was vet school easier or harder than you expected? "It was different."
"If you've been accepted, you're done with the hardest part."

These responses really didn't help me besides knowing that it will be easy or hard or just different. The other comment you hear a lot is that it is like going back to high school because you are stuck with the same 100 other students all day for 4 years. I didn't really like high school so this will be interesting.

Finishing Undergrad

Ever since I got accepted, I have lost all motivation to do my homework. None of my current classes are prerequisites so they don't even matter. This last week is definitely the hardest as all 4 of my papers are due this week along with a couple tests and I keep putting things off till the last minute. Well, I guess I better get back to writing about great blue herons.