Friday, January 9, 2009

Winter Break

We had a whole month for a break between semesters instead of the usual 3 weeks and it was a much needed break. I spent 2 weeks at home working and the other 2 weeks visiting a friend in Oklahoma, which is not as exciting as it sounds. The trip south was nice and relaxing. We did a lot of hiking in the "mountains" down there where we saw armadillos, bison, and longhorn steers. On the plane ride home, I sat next to an older lady that was telling me about how her 2 children are vets. It's really cool to meet people like this and hear about what my future life may be like. From talking to people, I am also realizing that just about everyone either knows a vet as a friend or is related to someone that is a vet. I always pictured this career as a small profession relative to other professions, but it's not seeming like that's true.

But now I'm trying to get back into school mode as classes start on Monday. I can tell that the semester because my school email is starting to get bombarded with emails from classmates and professors. We actually have some homework already to do before the first day of classes.

During break, I tried to read some of my Physiology book and do some of our Nutrition homework. Hopefully, this will lighten my load a little bit during the semester. I was able to somewhat understand Neurology material that we were supposed to learn last semester. I guess that's what these breaks are for - catching up on material that we get behind on.

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