Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Feeling like a Professional

Something the faculty has always done since the beginning of the year is refer to us students as professionals, veterinarians, and colleagues. These are all terms that I don't feel apply to me yet. I am a veterinary STUDENT still aspiring to be a veterinarian. Last Friday was the Michigan Veterinary Conference in Lansing. All of our classes are canceled and we are expected to attend the conference. I went to it and it was probably the first time I started feeling a little professional. I was surrounded by veterinarians and at a professional statewide conference listening to presentations where I understood every other word if I was lucky. I couldn't help feel a little out of place and at the same time like a professional seeing my future. I am slowly starting to feel a little more professional every day, but I think the feeling of being a veterinarian will take a some more time.

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