Friday, December 12, 2008


Well, I just finished my finals week and I am exhausted. This week was crazy - it's like a marathon for your mind. I went to sleep some nights not because I was physically exhausted, but it was more that my mind couldn't study/function anymore. I was usually studying for 3-4 days before taking an exam during the semester, but that's not possible during finals week. Finals week is a whole new ball game. You study, take an exam, start studying for the next exam, and continually repeat until the end of the week. I probably studied only 12 for today's immuno exam. Thankfully, it wasn't that bad, but I definitely wasn't ready for it.

I went from having goals for a certain GPA to just trying not to let my grades fall that much. I have definitely learned from this semester to try and keep up with the material and start studying early for finals.

I am usually not one of those students that sacrifices sleep to study, but I did have to this week. Last night, it was like I was a little kid that couldn't sleep on Christmas Eve. I was so excited to be done with this semester. I am 1/8 of a doctor!

Now that I don't have to study, I don't know what to do with my time.


Rachel :) said...

Thats how I was with finals last semester lol... For most of the semester I had certain GPA goals also, by the time finals came around I would have been satisfied with a C. After all C = Continue

Eric said...

Our saying here is "2.0 = DVM."