Sunday, May 3, 2009

This is Going to Hurt

I have finished a few classes - business, pharmacology, nutrition, and maybe some others. BUT I am far from finished. More finals start tomorrow. I am unprepared for all of these and don't have time to get prepared. Histology on Tuesday is the scariest because it covers the whole year. By year, I mean Fall and Spring semester material. It's a 2 credit class too!

Physiology is also cumulative for the semester and I need to do well on it too. Radiology is on Friday and it should be easy, but there's still a lot of material I won't have time to look at until Thursday evening.

I am truly learning that Finals week is all about my GPA sustaining the least amount of damage possible. The funny thing is that I was trying to prepare for this the last 3 weeks and I'm still not ready. Well, 5 more days of sleeping, eating, studying, taking exams and repeating the next day.

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