Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Quarter of a Doctor

I am officially a quarter of a doctor!! I have survived Finals. Anatomy was funny because no one studied for it and our class average displays that. On Tuesday, we had Histology aka the worst test ever. The professor told us that some of the questions would have 10 choices and that would somehow make it easier for us. Yeah, it didn't. Oh and did I mention that it was cumulative over the whole year, not semester - year. Everyone walked out of that exam feeling like all our studying was a waste of time and we have no idea how we did. The questions were very specific for covering a year's material. I should find out my grade by Wednesday. Vet school teaches us patience and provides practice for handling disappointment. The best part is that the second years tell us that it only gets worse.
The rest of finals week seemed fairly easy. I guess a ridiculously hard histo exam makes me appreciate the regular exams. Histo made physiology, parasitology, and radiology seem like a walk in the park. It became extremely hard to study for those exams too. Studying all day for over a week is not fun. Now I get to wait for the grades to be posted.
I will say that I am going through vet school withdrawal. I don't know what I should be doing with all of this free time. I feel like I should be studying or doing homework.


swanscribble said...

Year long cumulative histo? *shudder*

Ratboy said...

We finally got the results back from the lecture portion of our histo final. I learned a couple things from this. First, the final was probably curved because I didn't do very well on it but got an okay grade in the class. Second, apparently a teacher can tell the scoring office to release the test scores to us 2 weeks after the exam.