Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Free Time and HOUSE

I just took my last midterm today until Finals. It was Immunology and apparently our professor likes natural killer cells since there were a lot of questions about them. I feel ok about the exam, but I don't really care right now because I am so excited about this break from tests until Finals.

Yesterday, the surgery club learned how to scrub into surgeries. I have seen it done a lot, but seeing and doing are totally different. I thought the hardest part was figuring out how to position the glove before putting it on. Altogether, it was a fun time learning about the instruments, scrubbing, and draping for surgery. We also had an ophthalmology lab today which was rather interesting. It's fun learning how to actually do procedures that you've seen others perform and wondered what they were doing/looking for. Seeing the optic disk from the back of an animal's eye is really cool.

I feel a little lost right now because I don't have a test to study for. I'm going to relax tonight and maybe start reviewing tomorrow or later in the week for finals. This is such a good feeling to know that I don't have to scramble to complete assignments or stay up late to study for a test. Oh, I'm going to watch House tonight which reminds me of what my professor said about him: He's a bad doctor because he uses treatments to diagnose his patients. We're supposed to use physical exams and lab tests to arrive at a diagnosis and treatment, instead of House's backwards approach. Yeah, this upset some people in my class too.

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