Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Changes in Admission at MSU

I just heard today how MSU vet school's admission criteria has changed drastically. The last few years MSU has been trying to eliminate grades from the admission process. However, the new admission standards are that 60% of the class will be selected solely on GPA and GRE scores. The other 40% will be selected based on grades, application, and interview.

This is a huge change and I do have theories about why this has happened, but I haven't heard an explanation yet. This is good for people like me that are good at school - not necessarily smart, just performs well in the class. I wish this would've been the standards when I was applying. I've heard people from my class say how future classes won't have personality or won't be able to interact with clients. On the flipside, vet students need to be able to learn the material and pass the classes before they start worrying about interacting with clients. I do kinda like this idea as about half the class should do well in the classes and the other half will add the diversity of experiences. I think it will be vital for these classes to work together and learn from each other to become "hot shot MSU vets" (being intelligent with good people skills).

One theory why this is happening stems from rumors in my class of a lot of students are struggling in classes. I think there is a lot of diversity of experiences in my class which is why we are expected to be a great class among the faculty. This diversity will also make for some creativity in solving problems. I just hope we can all pass our classes and stay as a class.

MSU is still working out the kinks in the new curriculum, but upperclassmen all agree that it's better than it was. I know changes will be made after my class and probably for the next few years. Any school has its problems, but I'm happy to be here at MSU.

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Eugenie said...

It's interesting to hear that they're looking more at the GRE scores... perhaps I'll put MSU on my list (my gpa isn't the greatest). I stumbled across your blog from somewhere... no idea... keep blogging!