Saturday, June 28, 2008


The last few weeks I started volunteering at a vet clinic. It's funny to see people's reactions when you ask to volunteer and tell them it's not a requirement for a class or anything. I'm just volunteering to gain more experience and be exposed to different cases and situations. I guess managers don't encounter this situation all the time.

My first day I saw the insides of a baby bird from the outside. The doctor showed me the lump of food as it passed through the esophagus, the breast muscles, a major artery, stomach, and part of the liver. The skin was so thin that you could see all these structures.
I was also told by a doctor to prepare for vet school by reading the James Herriot books and relaxing this summer. I didn't expect this.One doctor suggested not shadowing vets anymore and just relax my last summer that I'll have free time. I get her point, but I was think it's fun and RELAXING to be in a vet clinic and see these cases.

I'm still volunteering occasionally, but not as much as I had originally planned. During the last few weeks, I was able to hold a baby pig, chinchilla, and try to restrain a 200+ pound mastiff. It's been fun and boring at times, but I think it's better than watching TV.

I have less than 2 months before I'll be back at State and starting vet school. It's hard to believe the summer is halfway done. Part of me just wants to start school and get this show on the road.
Next weekend will hopefully be filled with tubing and skiing along with good pictures/video.

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