Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Today I enrolled for my classes for next year. At first glance, my schedule doesn't look that bad - classes start at 9 AM and I'm done by 3 or 5 PM. By "done" I mean with classes, I'm guessing I'll have to stay in the labs for another 2-4 hours after that and then go home and study.

My classes are a little intimidating being 500-level courses. I'm not too sure how I'll like the 20 credit semesters either. Here's first semester:

Animal Science for Vets - I'm not much of a large animal fan, but it could be cool.
Vet Microbiology and Immunology - That just sounds scary!
Vet Neurosciences - Sounds interesting, but hard.
Comparative Vet Gross Anatomy 1 - I am looking forward to this class the most!!
Vet Tissue Structure and Function - Not a fan.
Vet Clinical Exams and Techniques - It should be hands-on which is always fun.
Ethical & Animal Welfare Issues in the Profession - I foresee this to be interesting but not enough to keep me awake.

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