Thursday, December 6, 2007

What Is Vet School Like?

The last few weeks I have been asking vet students what I should expect. Here's some of the responses I have gotten:

"It's not hard. It's just a lot of information."
"Any high school student could learn this stuff."
"Keep your focus because there will be plenty of times that you feel like quitting. And you doubt why you started this in the first place."
In response to Was vet school easier or harder than you expected? "It was different."
"If you've been accepted, you're done with the hardest part."

These responses really didn't help me besides knowing that it will be easy or hard or just different. The other comment you hear a lot is that it is like going back to high school because you are stuck with the same 100 other students all day for 4 years. I didn't really like high school so this will be interesting.

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