Monday, March 29, 2010

Update on Terminal Surgeries

So the new curriculum was explained to us and it sounds pretty good. We will have the opportunity to do more procedures on cadavers than how it was in the old curriculum on live animals. I think the class concerns are still about bleeding and individual confidence. Knowing about the advantages, I'm looking forward to next semester and my only concern is my confidence as a surgeon.

Here is a good article about what's going on.

If you think this is awesome because less animals will be killed - uh, FYI: We are still using about the same number of animals. They were just killed at the pound instead of the school. I guess the only difference is that they will not be purpose-bred dogs.

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MaggiMoo said...

Wow! No terminal surgeries? I am glad that we are still "behind" the times when it comes to this issue at A&M. Despite all the pressure otherwise, we still dissect (CSU, Cornell and Davis don't) and we still have terminal surgeries. I think there is something very important to be learned when operating on a LIVE animal, how to stop the bleeding, how to pay attention to anesthesia and sedation while operating, live animals in general are just different. But, it would be nice to be able to do numerous procedures on one animal--I can certainly see the value in that. Best of luck in surgery! I'm almost there!