Monday, October 12, 2009

Possibly Burnt Out

The epi exam last friday wasn't too bad, just extremely long. We now have pathology tomorrow and public health on thursday. I feel pretty good about pathology, but may just start public health tonight. You would think public health would be an easy A, but not with this professor. He is notorious for asking trivia questions and that's the same impression I got from his random lecturing. Granted, I rarely paid attention in the class, but in my defense I don't think it's physically possible to listen to an entire lecture of his.

However, I believe I am currently burnt out. My brain is not functioning right and I am extremely tired. It was hard focusing in any of our lectures today. I think I actually paid the most attention to the final lecture which was odd. We are currently in the middle of a test taking marathon too - I think it's 5 exams in 14 days. It's a terrible feeling knowing that I can't focus but I have to study. Well, it's naptime followed by some hopefully productive studying.

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