Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Little Background

The big question every pre-vet student asks is: What do I need to do to get into vet school? I will be a vet student soon so I should know, right? I still do not know exactly what vet schools look for. I know here at MSU the admissions committee stresses diversity - in veterinary experiences, extracurricular activities, and everything else.
I worked at a small animal clinic for 2 years in high school. I did my undergraduate at MSU and will be graduating with a Fisheries & Wildlife degree in May. However, I have applied to MSU for the last 3 years and only the third try paid off. I have been interviewed, placed on a waiting list, and denied. But, now I have been accepted. My advice: Keep trying because it will all be worth it when I'm working in my dream job.

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